WATCH | The traditional French café is considered endangered in rural France - but there are plans to save them

It would be a travesty to visit Paris without at least once sitting on a sidewalk café sipping on a steamy coffee and munching on a melt-in-your-mouth croissant. 

While the traditional French café is thriving in the cities and big tourist destinations, those in rural France are fading away. As populations plummet in small villages, cafés are struggling, with so many closing up shop that some communities no longer even have one.

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But President Emmanuel Macron is not letting them die on his watch - last month he launched the 1000 Cafés project where the French government will provide financial assistance and support to maintaining and opening a thousand cafés in a 1000 villages with less than 3 500 residents. 

These places are seen as vital social centres for communities, and seeing as 30% of the French population live in these rural villages it's seen as a vital service and a way to revitalise these communities. 

"Operator of the 1000 cafés initiative, the SOS GROUP, proposes to contribute to the social bond in rural areas by opening multi-service cafés," it says on the project's website.

"In addition to offering drinks and snacks, these cafés will be able to host a range of local services, such as a bread depot, a local fresh produce outlet, a post office, a digital access point, as well as a shared workspace, event planning, cultural and civic, or a tourist information point."

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The project is calling on mayors to apply if they have a café in danger of closing or no longer have one, and it can't be a franchise or branded coffee shop.

Now you might be tempted to plan a road trip through rural France to help the cause!

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