WATCH: The farm underneath the streets of London

What once may have been a space to preserve life, a place to hide from the bombs being dropped from the skies is now a place where life is nurtured, created and promulgated. 

London, the United Kingdom has a long sordid history of conflict and survival with the World War II generation well familiar with the air raid shelters that would serve as a place of refuge when the imminent threat of a Nazi aerial bombing run was nigh. 

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Today, one of these air raid shelters is finding new life, a new purpose as a farm - underground. These shelters had the capacity to accommodate thousands of people. Nowadays, they’re used to host trays upon trays of sprouting herbs and leafy vegetables.

Check out the above video to see how one such shelter is today a sustainable farm supplying produce to some of the city's best known restaurants.  

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