WATCH: People drink this? Top 10 bizarre teas from around the world

Tea infusions with unique flavours are a dime a dozen these days. It doesn't take much to find a chocolate, berry, mint, black pepper or lavender infusion down the aisle at your local supermarket. 

While these teas are nice, they're certainly not exotic by any stretch of the word. Luckily for you oh discerning and adventurous tea-drinkers, the internet is here to alert you to the fact that there are tons of incredibly weird teas out there to enjoy. 

From the tea that makes vampires quiver to teas that take you on a psychedelic trip - check out the above video to see the most bizarre teas from around the world. 

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Panda dung tea

Tomato mint tea

Garlic tea

Bug poop tea

Psilocybin mushroom tea

Sparkling tea


Kombucha tea

Salvia tea

Fermented yak butter tea

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