WATCH: Glassblowing or timber rafting anyone? The top 10 Black Forest traditions

If the name Black Forest doesn't immediately inspire a specific mental imagery, perhaps it would be useful to think of the Brothers Grimm fairy tales and the locations many of them are set in. Think Hansel and Gretel. Yes, now you're getting it. 

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The Black Forest or Schwarzwald is a mountainous region in southwest Germany, know for its vast and dense forests, open mountain heights and peaks, picturesque villages, attractive valleys and mysterious cirque lakes. 

It is a diverse region - the 11 400 square kilometres hosts a variety of unspoilt landscapes and unique stories and people that go along with it.

The above video is about 10 of the traditions you might be fortunate to experience on your next trip to Germany and the Black Forest - from glass blowing to timber rafting.

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