WATCH: Explore the wonders of magical Patagonia in beautiful Argentina

All of Argentina needs to be explored in its entirety. Every crevice offers incredible experiences but the South arguably has the most photogenic scenes. 

Blog Abroad Gloria Atanmo says when you try to describe it you're at a loss for words "oh picturesque, beautiful" but that is almost insulting because you don't have words to describe its beauty. 

You get to parts that are just bushes and valleys and fields and then you might encounter a random guanaco or two. But that belies the true extent and variety of amazing, beautiful experiences and sights to enjoy and see.   

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Magical Patagonia

Patagonia is an expensive destination so many people have taken to hitchhiking, xso as to cut costs. 

While hitchhiking might not, generally, be the safest way to get around there are undeniably some benefits to getting a cheap ride with strangers. From swapping stories and ideas for travel locations and lesser-known attractions, routes and more, travellers are travellers at the end of the day and everyone has the same goal of discovering the region.

That being said, always err on the side of caution and use your best judgement. 

El Chaltén, Santa Cruz

Try out some hiking at Río Fitz Roy. This special place is oft considered the capital of hiking in Southern Argentina. Local guides say that one of the most amazing things that make people fall in love with Patagonia is the unique combination of forest and glaciers. It is an amazing juxtaposition of many of Mother Nature's elements side by side.

Tourists that visit the area can also help out preserving these areas and be more responsible tourists by taking out whatever they bring in and leaving the area as pristine and unspoiled as possible. 

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Perito Moreno, Santa Cruz

In this location, you can get fairly close to the massive glacier. The awe-inspiring beauty of this picturesque place is not unlike something you might see on a default desktop wallpaper. Strap on some spikes and get yourself ready to walk on the glacier. 

Luciano Bernacchi, Director of Glaciarium Ice Museum of Patagonia, says that the Perito Moreno glacier is one of the best-known glaciers in the world, certainly best-known in Argentina. It has been stable for the past 100 years which is especially impressive given that most of the other glaciers in Los Glaciares National Park are receding.

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The magic is not just being on top or in sight of the glaciers but can be found even in the nooks and crannies where one is able to stand and drink water that drops from the melting ice above. These beautiful blue, ice caves offer excellent opportunities for exploration and appreciation of the beauty of this part of the planet.  

Punta Tombo, Chubut Province

This location is an excellent spot to see penguins. Punta Tombo has more than 200 000 nests alone. A trip to this part of Argentina can be an incredibly educational and moving experience. Penguins can be seen as one of the best indicators of global climate change. The distribution of penguins, penguin population numbers and where they choose to settle are all impacted by the climate and forces of nature.


So the next time you're planning a trip, think Patagonia, think Argentina. 

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