INFOGRAPHIC: The most at risk tourism destinations - SA makes list for its plastic pollution

While it's easier to travel the world today than it ever was, humanity's ever-expanding impact on the planet might make famous tourist destinations disappear. 

Overtourism, threats to endangered species, lack of sustainable travel options and climate change are just some of the many environmental issues that could contribute to the extinction of places like the Great Barrier Reef, Africa's rhinos and elephants and even postcard-popular beaches like Thailand's Maya Bay - which had to be shut indefinitely to tourists because of overcrowding. 

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But which countries are most at risk? The Latin America Travel Company looked at the stats of environmental reports from organisations like the IUCN and the World Bank to determine which destinations are the most and least at risk of these environmental concerns, as well as plastic pollution and environmental performance data.

And South Africa tied in second-place with Vietnam! While we had good scores for Overtourism and Sustainable Travel, our endangered species and plastic pollution pulled us down, and making us the most at-risk country in Africa. 

In Europe it is Portugal, in South America Ecuador, in North America the US, in Oceania New Zealand and in Asia it's Thailand, a country increasingly vulnerable to the consequences of climate change. 

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Check out below the most and least at-risk destinations. Click here to see the whole list.

infographic of at risk tourism index
infographic of at risk tourism index

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