A guide to countries that don't exist anymore

While travelling to real countries these days have become riskier, you can always time travel to extinct countries to see how far we've come. 

Normally travel guides provide information about places to visit in real life, but the Extinguished Countries wants to remind you about the predecessors of today's modern countries. 

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"Our common past is your future destination," is the slogan of the Kickstarter project, and their first book is out - The Republic of Venice.

Written by a team of travel writers headed by journalist Giovanni Vale, the first in the series tells the story of the Republic of Venice, la Serenissima, a 1000-year old state that disappeared in 1797.

Today its territories are divided into Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Montenegro, Albania, Greece and Cyprus.

"We will travel through these seven states, visit lighthouses, castles, islands and sumptuous palaces and introduce you to some of the greatest figures of the time, such as Marco Polo, Galileo Galilei or Casanova. Modern craftsmen, historians and artists will lead our way in this journey," reads the description of the book.

The information is collated through 400 interviews with locals to find out legends and traditions interspersed with historical research. 

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According to an interview with Atlas Obscura, in future guides the writers want to look at Andalusia, Russian Empire, USSR, Ottoman Empire and the South American kingdoms that existed before European colonisation. 

The book has also been turned into a podcast series, each episode focusing their best guidebook stories, a great accompaniment when following in the footsteps of these extinct countries. 

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