WATCH: Top 10 unique public holiday celebrations around the world

Around this time of year most of us know exactly what to expect during the holiday season. We'll go to the beach, hang out with friends and family or maybe go on a trip somewhere. We also know what we'll likely be eating, usually a buffet with a trifle sneaking into the mix somewhere. 

These unique holidays from around the world flip our idea of normality on its head with the outright strange to sombre. 

Check them out below. 

10. KFC Dinner, Japan

Instead of unwrapping gifts and eating turkey on Christmas, a lot of people in Japan go for KFC. The tradition is so popular, the chain asks customers to place their orders at least two months in advance.

9. Krampus, Austria

Instead of a lump of coal for Christmas, misbehaving children in Austria get something different. They're told they'll get a visit from the beast, Krampus who may take them away or eat them.

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8. Night of the Radishes, Mexico

You may be familiar with pumpkin carving, but how about radishes? On December 23rd, Mexicans hold a festival to carve radishes. Many recreate the nativity scene.

7. La Tomatina, Spain

On the third Wednesday in August, locals and tourists have a 90 minute tomato fight. No one is sure exactly how this tradition started, but looks like a lot of fun.

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6. Obama Day, Kenya

Kenyans have celebrated November 6th every year since 2008, when Obama was elected US President on this date. Kenya's president declared it a national holiday. They celebrate because Obama's father was Kenyan.

5. Hogmanay, Scotland

The Scottish celebrate the new year a little differently than most. Instead of watching ball drop, people light balls of fire and swing them around their heads all night long.

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4. Holi Festival, India

Known as the 'festival of colours', people play in the streets throwing water balloons and coloured powder. The festival, representing good defeating evil, happens every spring.

3. Lopburi Monkey Buffet, Thailand

On the last weekend of November, Thailand's jungle-dwelling monkeys are given a massive feast. The holiday started in 1989 and honours a monkey who is believed to have rescued a bride from a ten-headed demon.

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2. Melon Day, Turkmenistan

On August 12, Turkmens celebrate a national holiday for the birth of the melon. According to their president, Turkmentistan is home to the greatest melons on Earth.

1. Cemetery Visit, Finland

On Christmas Eve, people in Finland visit their deceased loved ones in graveyards. Churches hold a short ceremony, then lanterns and candles are brought to the tombstones.

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