WATCH: Two meteorite flashes over SA skies + 2018's astronomy events to catch

Rare footage of a meteor flashing through SA's night skies has gone viral.

According to a post shared by Suburban Control Centre and re-posted across a number of social media channels on Saturday, 2 June - two meteorites are believed to have come down across the North West at about 18:49. 

"One fell between Lichtenburg and Mafikeng, and the one in the video fell between Hartebeesfontein & Coligny".

Gauteng Weather also shared the video saying, "Amazing video footage of meteor between Sanieshof and Mareetsanie in the North West on Saturday”

SA People reports witnesses in Pretoria said the flash of light was also visible over Tshwane, as some reported seeing the "blazing fireball while driving to Johannesburg". 

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Similar incidents of meteors were spotted in China at around 21:40 on Friday evening, as well as footage captured over Michigan, USA, in January this year - with 2018 said to have a number of incredible astronomy events to look forward to.