WATCH: The thunderous waterfalls of South Africa

After a long hike in the unforgiving sun, nothing is more musical to your ears when you start hearing the rush and crash of water, signalling that soon you'll come upon a waterfall ready to welcome you into its cooling embrace. 

There's a mesmerising beauty in watching water fall and foam from great heights, and in South Africa you can find the roars of nature almost anywhere.

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But not only that - we've got a few extra-special waterfalls that are quite unique in the world.

The Tugela Falls is more than just a spectacular sight to see while hiking in the Drakensberg. At almost 950 metres it's also considered the second-tallest waterfall in the world, beaten by the heights of Venezuela's Angel Falls. 

Moving closer to the coast, Waterfall Bluff on the Wild Coast in the Eastern Cape puts on another spectacular show - but one that's actually very rare. After a slightly gruelling 28km hike, you'll see one of only 19 waterfalls in the world that falls into the ocean, and is only one of two in Africa. 

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But on the other side of the country, far from the lush greenery of Tugela and Waterfall Bluff, lies the thunderous creation of the Orange River - the mighty Augrabies Falls. It may not have the tallest or most unique waterfalls, but it's definitely the most impressive for its sheer power, cutting through the rocky landscape like the arm of a powerful god. 

Another noteworthy waterfall is the Witpoortjie Waterfall in the Walter Sisulu Botanical Gardens right near the hustle of Johannesburg. This one is well-known for its residents - a pair of endangered black eagles that's called the cliffs around the waterfall home for over 30 years. 

Out of all these waterfalls, which one will you visit next?

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