Help the Earth Observatory find their all-time best image of our planet

In the vast expanse our universe, our planet is quite a unique one. 

While Earth has been around for billions, our time on it has been but a blink of the eye, and we have only been able to document our blue planet a split second of that. 

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But what is our planet's good side? NASA Earth Observatory has been documenting all its beautiful features for 20 years now, amassing more than 15 500 images in that time. 

As part of their anniversary celebrations - and the 50th anniversary of Earth Day - they are asking the worldwide internet to vote for the all-time best image of our planet, sourced from their archives. 

They are looking for the most beautiful, iconic, newsworthy, scientifically-important and inspiring photos of Earth, and want people to browse their collection and post links to their favourites on this thread by 17 March.

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Afterwards, they will include some of your selections in Tournament Earth, a head-to-head contest to vote for the best of the best from their archives.

Each week, readers will pick from pairs of images that will help narrow down the field from 32 nominees to one champion. The all-time best Earth Observatory image will be announced on 29 April - the end of their anniversary year.

So far some suggestions include a photo of the moon passing between Earth and the camera, the view our planet from Saturn and Earth rising from a lunar horizon. 

Just scrolling through some of their galleries will make you rethink our place in the universe.

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