SA transport made easier as Taxify integrates into Google Maps

Talk about having the world at your digi-fingertips! Taxify's recent inclusion sees it seamlessly blend into the ever-reliant Google Maps app.

Taxify rides in Google Maps are rolling out globally on Thursday and will be available in more than 15 countries, with South Africa being one of the first countries to benefit from this convenient service.  

Those looking to use the new feature should merely keep an eye out for its nifty icon nestled alongside the familiar car, public transport, walking and biking options showcased in the app display. 

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Taxify started operating around SA back in 2016 and as of October 2018 it has speckled itself in seven different Saffa cities:

  • Johannesburg
  • Cape Town
  • Durban
  • Port Elizabeth
  • Polokwane
  • Ekurhuleni
  • Tshwane

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The inclusion is simple - once you've searched and locked in your destination by asking the Google Maps app for directions, the app shares the proximity of cars on the Taxify platform along with its estimated fare. 

If the Taxify option is your best travel bet to reach your destination, you need simply to tap the 'open app' icon to complete the process of booking a ride - you do, however, need to have the Taxify app installed on your device first.

The integration allows for app users to smoothly evaluate which of the private, public or e-hailing modes of transport are most time-efficient and cost-effective for them to select.

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