WATCH: Vultures and marabou storks feast on hyena carcass (Graphic content)

Cape Town - You've probably seen vultures and other birds of prey feast and carcasses of herbivores, but have you ever seen them eat the carcass of a hyena?

This scavenger became the scavenged when a wake of white-backed vultures and marabou storks descended upon the dead hyena, which had been killed by another unknown predator the day before in Tanzania's Selous Game Reserve.

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There was a bit of a struggle for dominance over the juicy meat, but the vultures couldn't take on the size of the marabou storks. 

The video was taken by Traveller24 while on a trip to Azura Retreats' retreat in the reserve, where they offer semi-tented accommodation within the park without any fences.

Selous is one of the biggest and oldest African protected areas in the world and has remained untouched for decades. It's a wild area where animals are not so used to the roar of safari vehicles and you have to really look for the animals during its rainy summer season.