WATCH: Snake snacks on chameleon that's given up on life

This chameleon just accepted its fate when the snake came knocking.

The video of the confrontation was captured by Casper Badenhorst and shared by Latest Sightings in Kruger National Park. While driving with his family they came upon the chameleon in the road and stopped to show it to his children.

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"While we were looking at it, I noticed that it had black spots which appeared and disappeared on various parts of its body," Badenhorst tells Latest Sightings.

"It inflated and deflated its body, looking as if it was puffing up and releasing, probably about 15 times. After this, it ran off at its best speed (most certainly not usual chameleon strolling) down the road, crossing the snake's slither spoor and I could see that its hind legs were not functioning well, almost dragging.

"As it stopped in the middle of the road, a snake came out of the grass, slithered towards it and after looking at it for a few seconds, picked up the chameleon and slithered off with the chameleon in its mouth, disappearing into the grass next to the road."

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It became clear that the chameleon had probably been bitten by the snake before the family got there, and was waiting for the venom to take effect from the side of the road.

Initially Badenhorst thought the snake might have been a Black Mamba.

Even expert rangers are stumped to say.

One ranger states, "It is too  too far away to determine exactly what kind of snake it is. Behaviour seems to be mamba because a boomslang would bite and chew to inject venom. Boomslangs are back-fanged. So one bite wouldn't have done the job.

Another told Latest Sightings it's a boomslang."Looking at the head shape, even though it's quite far, it is smaller than a black mama - though they could be highly mistaken for each other.

"Looks like this one is a female boomslang, which are black in colour."

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