WATCH: Saddle-billed stork pecks away at snake at Kruger National Park

We commonly see snakes attack a number of birds and animals, but witnessing a snake being attacked is certainly not an everyday occurrence - especially when the dominant animal is a bird.

Janine Westerweel was lucky enough to witness such a sighting while at Cattle Baron in Skukuza, Kruger National Park, and captured spectacular footage of a saddle-billed stork attacking a snake.

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She told that she was scanning the river with her binoculars when the saddle-billed stork waded out of the reeds.

"We really love these birds, so I watched him for a while and then realised that he had found something in the water. That's when I grabbed the camera, hoping to get some action footage - and then saw it was a snake!" says Westerweel.

"This is a first for us and a really exciting event. As I continued to film, the people around us started taking an interest in what we were watching, and I think you can pick up in the video the growing excitement as they too realise what it is that he's got," she adds.

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Westerweel says that they eventually lost sight of the bird and don't know how the struggle ended. "I'm sure not very well for the snake though," she says, adding that they think the snake may have been a small python. 

"My advice with game and bird-watching is always to be still, quiet and patient. You never know what will play out; or what will walk out of nowhere when you least expect it!" she adds.

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