WATCH: Rangers free baby elephant from mud hole in Addo Park

Addo Elephant National Park provides one of the best elephant viewing opportunities in SA.

This Eastern Cape hot spot, home to over 600 African elephants, offers animal lovers views of many freely roaming large land animals. 

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Richard Gardiner uploaded a video of a baby elephant that got stuck in the mud for a couple of hours in the park, before it was rescued by park rangers.

Gardiner and his family were visiting Addo and lodging at the main camp. 

In the video, it can be seen that the herd were distressed when they could not free the baby elephant. It is unclear how the elephant got stuck in the mud.

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Three park rangers approached with a van and chased the herd away before they tried to free the baby elephant. 

The other elephants intermittently tried to return to the baby elephant‚ but the park rangers kept them at bay.

After several attempts at loosening the mud with shovels around the elephant, the calf managed to escape. The group inside the lookout point applauded as the baby elephant ran back to join the herd

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