WATCH: Leopard learns lesson from 2 porcupines

Cape Town - Kruger National Park's latest sightings prove that even the biggest and most dangerous animals can be defeated by animals we least expect.

Take this leopard for example. It appears to be casually strolling along until it spots two porcupines and goes into "attack mode". The porcupines - that look like they were in fact aiming to attack the leopard - make no haste in displaying their armour and aim their quills at the wild cat.

Kruger Sightings says that "leopards simply cannot resist the chase when it comes to porcupines, for some unknown reason". 

Donovan Piketh, who captured the sighting, says: “We were following the leopard as it was just walking along when my friend spotted the two porcupines walking towards the leopard. As soon as the leopard saw them it changed into stalking mode and we knew something was going to happen. This was the first time I have ever seen porcupines and what a way to see them."

Piketh says that although the leopard tried its luck by chasing the porcupines, it certainly endured more pain while the porcupines were unscathed.

It's a rather unusual sight to see a leopard removing porcupine quills out of it. "Eventually, the leopard gave up trying to get the last of the porcupine’s quills out and walked off into the bush," says Piketh.