WATCH: Hyenas drag massive kudu bull to death...

Cape Town - We've said it before and we'll say it again: nature can be as cruel as it can be kind. Out in the wild, it's all about the survival of the fittest and in some cases, size doesn't matter. 

New video footage captured in the Kruger National Park reveals just this - how a massive, injured kudu bull is dragged to its death and eaten alive by two hungry hyenas. 

The video reveals just how tenacious hyenas can be when it comes to grabbing a nearby meal. 

According to Latest Sightings, who initially posted the video to YouTube, the sighting was spotted by Stephan Greyvenstein. 

A gaping wound can be seen in the kudu's left thigh, but Greyvenstein says it was unclear how the kudu was injured in the first place. While observing the injured animal, Greyvenstein says, they spotted two hyenas out of the corner of his eye... 

"These hyenas saw the kudu and gave chase. They chased it right in front of the car before bringing it to the ground and starting to eat it alive."

Greyvenstein says he didn't manage to capture the entire feeding process, as "time was running out before the gates closed for the day. 

"We had to leave these hyenas to enjoy their meal alone..."

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