WATCH: Elephant playing soccer with a dung ball is all the cute rolled into one

The bushveld can be scary place filled with cruel and harsh scene. 

An then something like this comes along. This is the super, super cute moment a baby elephant decided to do some soccer practice using a piece of dung lying around!

Fitness in the wild can come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, and on a regular day–you can be pleasantly surprised when you see the animals in the middle of their routines!

When Dylan Royal, a guide at &Beyond Kirkman’s Kamp and Tengile River Lodge went out or his first morning drive on the 30th of September with a group of tourists he was guiding, he never expected to be surprised by an elephant calf warming up with an early morning soccer session.

“We came across a spread-out herd of elephants with quite a few young ones present. We stopped to watch them for a while and it was not long after we stopped that the smallest calf burst out of the bush, into the road following his soccer ball made of elephant dung!” says Dylan.

“It seemed like he had been at it from even before we got there because he was so focused on his dung ball, that he did not even notice there was company.He seemed to be so impressed by his own skills that he even kicked and rolled the ball around using different strategies and all four of his legs. Young elephants are always up to something interesting and they are always entertaining to watch,but this was certainly one of the cutest and funniest things I’d ever seen or heard of.”

“We watched and enjoyed the sighting for a while longer and then I stopped filming.

"It was like the calf realized that I was no longer filming because it lost interest in the ball of dung and the herd walked a little way into the bush. When we lost sighting of most of the herd we decided to move on. As we drove past the abandoned ball, the little one came bursting and trumpeting out at us, kicking up sand and throwing a bit of a tantrum, until we left the area and his toy alone!”

“If you ever come across such a sighting, stay longer, and always keep filming until you are out of the area and sure that no more action is to come out of the sighting.“ 

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