WATCH: Baby elephant rescued after getting stuck in gummy mud

Elephants are notorious for getting stuck in mud. Especially baby ellies. Usually the mother or entire herd jumps in to save the little one, using their feet and trunks to pull and push the baba out of this sticky situation. However, sometimes the mud is so gummy that it takes more than elephants' strength.

The Bumi Hills Foundation posted a video of an elephant baby rescue it assisted with in Zim. The Bumi Hills Foundation provides protection and conservation of African wildlife in Zimbabwe through dedicated Anti-Poaching efforts, support of local communities in Human-Wildlife Conflict, and Wildlife Research. The Bumi Hills Foundation also provides support to the Community through programs in Education, Healthcare and Economic Empowerment. 

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"Elephants are notorious for getting themselves stuck in sticky, glutinous mud - and this baby learnt the hard way how very dangerous it can be! 

"The devotion and tenacity of the mother for her calf left us all in no doubt (if ever there was any) of the deep bonds that tie all elephant families - and in particular mothers and their calves.

"This footage was captured on one our scouts' cell phones, and kindly edited for us by Plain Sight," said its Facebook page. 

Everyone from the Poaching Unit to to the Rhino Safari Camp where the incident took place helped the little one out of this sticky situation. 

Watch this incredible rescue moment here: 

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