WATCH: Baby bird escapes hawk right into jaws of death

Sometimes you just have no luck, and this unfortunate baby bird really didn't have any of it.

An African harrier hawk was browsing a weaver's nest for something to eat, captured the shaky video by Juan Geyser and shared via Latest Sightingswhen a baby weaver tried to escape by jumping into the water.

Sadly, a crocodile was lurking in the waters ready for a snack.

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"I watched in amazement as this little bird fled the nest in fear and landed on the water like a little bobbing rubber duck. What, at first, looked like an amazing escape only landed up being short-lived as a small crocodile was lurking about in the waters and happened to notice the weaver’s movements," Geyser told Latest Sightings.

"In the blink of an eye, the weaver was gone as the croc swallowed him whole. I felt sorry for the bird but this was what we had come to see - wildlife in action.”

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Watch the video below:

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