EXCLUSIVE: Egyptian Geese launch vicious attack on cocky, egg-thief baboon

Cape Town - The lengths to which animals will go to protect their offspring are incredible. And with Egyptian geese, it's no different. 

But footage shared with Latest Sightings shows that even the most aggressive of geese were unable to protect their nest from one cocky baboon.

Although the baboon did take quite a beating from two nesting birds as he tried to obtain some delicious Egyptian geese eggs to snack on. 

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Behind the camera filming this incredible sighting was 47-year-old Colin Pretorius, sales and marketing manager at Ngwenya Lodge. He says he was sitting in his office in front of the Crocodile River when he noticed that the geese were sounding unsettled...

“I saw this baboon come bouncing along and realized the geese were distressed. I could see the baboon was on a mission and looked completely fearless.

"He was with a troop," Pretorius remembers, but was the only one determined to get to a taste of the eggs. It was also his second attempt at trying to get to the nest, after being chased off by the birds a previous time. 

This "attempt paid off because he must have just decided that this time round he wasn’t going to be deterred," Pretorius says. "It was an awesome sighting to see. This is my daily world and I love that I get to spend my days working in this environment”.  

Over the past few years, Pretorius says, "there are literally hundreds of Egyptian geese that have come to lay their eggs in this area. The breeding ground is a great place to grab a snack." 

Check out the baboon's sneaky steal here - 

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