WATCH: Five lies you need to stop believing about the lion cub petting industry


Claus Mog 2015/07/20 12:43:10 PM
A lion gets bred to be killed and made a trophy of. A cow gets bred to be killed and eaten. Can somebody explain to me why people in general seem to have a problem with the first yet not with the second scenario?
ShockJock 2015/07/20 01:43:43 PM
Thank you! It's time for this industry to be canned, so to speak.
Renier Rall 2015/07/20 02:14:38 PM
This person is what is wrong with humans. I wish we could quarantine this person who wrote this. I WANT TO PET A LION PUPPY.. STOP TAKING RIGHTS AWAY FROM US!
Tim van Heerden 2015/07/20 03:56:03 PM
Lie#1 Agree. Lie#2 Lionesses do kill their cubs sometimes and these balance of the litter will be removed. Lie#3 Agree, but that is what sanctuaries want you to believe. Like the Anti's, they play on your emotions in order to relinquish you from your hard earned money. Lie#4 Disagree. Captive bred lion hunting takes a hell of a lot of legal hunting pressure off wild lions. we have to conserve our wild lion populations throughout Africa. Lie#5 Agree, playing and posing with (tame) wild animals creates the misconception that all wild animals can be tamed. Nat Geo is feeding this BS. Keep wild animals in proper zoo's, behind proper fences. Canned hunting is illegal in South Africa. Captive bred lion hunting is legal under strict protocol and regulations. Hunting pays for long-term, sustainable conservation. Trophy hunting is a mayor contributor to GDP. The uninformed thinks that if an animal is trophy hunted, the meat goes to waist - BIG LIE - everything is utilised, especially the meat. If wildlife pays, it will stay! Long live the game!
Philip Gray 2015/07/20 05:20:48 PM
I find many of the statements made by Carla Lweis-Balden to be nonsensical and nonsense. For example I would like to know how petting a lion cub, children playing and posing with lion cubs leads to canned hunting. Then there is her Lie number 4 the authenticity of which I question. I base this view on Lie #4 on the fact that all over the world there are sanctuaries dedicated to trying to save endangered species from extinction. An example is the Panda bears in China. I view Carla Lewis-Balden to be an obsessed bunny hugger.
PrincessR 2015/07/29 01:43:41 PM
Thank you for this article! I see some of the lies are in fact straight out of the comment section from previous articles on this topic. People believe these lies because they are trying to justify taking part in this very thing. That's all. Offense is a sign of guilt.
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