WATCH: Comparing costs for 3 budget cities to visit in 2019

South Africans are always looking for that next budget-holiday destination. The kind of place where you can get good street food, decent accommodation and access public transport that'll take you to some of the best sightseeing spots the city has to offer. 

For the last few years, locals have been gravitating to countries like Egypt and Turkey. Turkey, in particular, because the e-visa is free and the cost of living when travelling through Turkey is much like costs in SA.

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Also, these countries are rather accessible to us with relatively inexpensive flights to and fro. 

Recently, a study by considered the price of transport, meals, and the price of accommodation in various cities* around the world and by looking at a range of deals and budget websites it calculated the world's cheapest cities. Cairo, Mexico City and Antalya came out on top as three places you can have a great value for money holiday. 

*prices will change throughout 2019 

Here are a few costs to consider when visiting these three cities: 

Cairo, Egypt


Aerial view of the Guanajuato City skyline with th

The capital of Egypt has much more to offer that the Giza Pyramids. Go shop at the acclaimed Khan El-Khalili marketplace or enjoy some cheap and flavourful traditional foods like Ta'meya. Get by in Cairo at a cost of about R750 a day. That is, of course, if you go low-key traveller. This amount won't apply if you book 5-star. 

Mexico City, Mexico

Aerial view of the Guanajuato City skyline with th

Mexico has not always been a prime destination for South Africans, especially as it can be tricky to get there - and at a high cost. But cities like the high-altitude capital of Mexico, Mexico City sits at 2250m above sea level and has a lot to offer tourists. Mainly, its affordability. 

Here you'll pay around R115 for food per day. That's three average meals.

Antalya, Turkey


Aerial view of the Guanajuato City skyline with th

Love resorting? Head to the beautiful white-sandy beaches as you watch the yachts float by. This Turkish destination will cost you only around R1200 a day, that of course depends on what you eat and where you book your hotel, but you can get a well-rounded relaxing holiday experience on a budget here. 

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