WATCH: Sharks return to Thailand's Maya Bay after closure - shows importance of conservation

Following Thailand's decision to indefinitely close its most popular and blockbuster-famous beach, Maya Bay, environmental benefits are already evident. 

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The decision came into effect in June of 2018 and what was set to last a few months is now estimated to be an indefinite decision.  

With our very own landmark, Lion's Head closed for much-needed maintenance for the next few weeks, it begs the question of the importance and benefits of conservation and the regular upkeep of our natural resources and attractions.

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With climate change and overtourism placing unprecedented pressures on our natural environment, it's vital to give them periods to heal and breathe to avoid the threat of losing their ecological heritage and resources altogether. 

The travel trend of wanting to see the finite and endangered has become a global travel phenomenon and can end up taking a toll on these locations rather than being of help - conscious ecotourism aims to battle that aspect, but even so maintenance is necessary for ecological preservation. 

The results of such has been seen in the shut down haven of Maya Bay - where the coral reef has started to restore and the beach has also seen a regular return of blacktip reef shark in the last three months alone.

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When the beach was a swarming mess of tourist boats, seeing around 5 000 visitors in a single day at the small bay, the sharks were nowhere in sight - for years. The absence of the thick crowds have allowed a safe space for their return and the revival of the indigenous and precious coral reef.

Soak up the splendour of the rare sighting below:

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