From begpacking to dangerous selfies, when will tourists stop acting this dumb?


John Smith078 2015/03/14 06:49:49 PM
The worst is the graffiti on ancient ruins and monuments. I've encountered this all over the world. Go and see the pyramids for example. There is endless graffiti all over the base of every single pyramid. The same for Inca sites in Peru. People simply scratch their names into the stone of ancient temples. I honestly cannot understand this behaviour. Another thing is littering. You can go and climb the most pristine mountains and people would litter their crap absolutely everywhere instead of just taking it back with them. The irony is they go climb and hike there for the unspoilt beauty and then destroy it with their litter. WTF?
Lee Pope 2015/03/14 10:26:47 PM
Oh please ..... im in the tourism industry and you talking far and few inbetween. Flip you really do report on crap.
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