From begpacking to dangerous selfies, when will tourists stop acting this dumb?

For some reason, tourists behave a little more, err, loosely when they're out and about.

And while most people's idea of 'letting it all hang out' only involves consuming a few too many cocktails, other's are a little more shocking.

Ever heard of Begpacking?

Judged as one of the worst travel trends of all time, it usually sees Westerners heading to more affordable countries in Asia and begging or busking to further their travels.

The ethics of it all is called into question as locals, often just managing to make ends meet, are expected to contribute. Never mind the fact that you're not really supposed to earn 'money or make a living' when visiting a country on a tourist visa. 

As one Twitter user Indishinomori puts it,"For context, this apparent leftist was defending #begpacking in Singapore. You know, when rich white people come to your country, waste their money, and then try to ‘raise’ it on the street, usually from people who have far less money than they do? It’s so fetishisy and gross." 

Passenger showing little regard for etiquette during flights

We all wish we had this boy's attitude when dealing with a shameless passenger. Little Rodney Small was just minding his own business on a plane, when a woman behind him started resting her bare feet on his armrest. 

Luckily for us, his father caught his reaction to this invasion all on camera, surprised that a 'lady' would put her feet there. 

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People taking selfies with really dangerous animals

It's a real trend these days. Whether they're snapping shots with camels, crocodiles or quokkas, smart device users are proving just how un-smart they are... and sooner on later this 'trend' would end really, really bad...


And while not an intended selfie, at least this dad had the sense to get his kids out of the water when he noticed a shark lurking close by.

Opening emergency doors like they're a gift

Some travellers have a serious disregard for the sign 'only open in case of emergency'. Passengers cause severe delays when they don't pay attention. Like this incident when a passenger mistook the  emergency exit door for the bathroom while the plane was still on the ground.   

Another drunk passenger cause a massive incident when trying to open the emergency exit during a Air Europa flight to Dominican Republic.

Incidents have also included a first-time flyer opening an emergency door when he needed some 'fresh air'. 

Defacing ancient historic sites. No, really!

Pfft! Rumor has it that these fools even posed for a selfie after carving their names into the ancient Roman Colosseum... They were arrested shortly after... 

2 US tourists face trial for damaging Colosseum


Stripping naked wherever they please

Tourists have been stripping down and photographing themselves at the world’s iconic locations without a care or consideration. It often has social media buzzing, as tourists share snaps of bare bottoms at iconic spots, including World Heritage sites.  

The desire to reveal one’s naked glory is not a new thing, as streakers at sporting events and the devotees of nude beaches and nudist camps demonstrate. But this trend of “naked tourism” reveals something more than just bare bottoms – and it may call for some active interventions" but sites like this Cheeky Exploits continue to flourish.

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