Kenya scraps visa requirement for SA citizens

Cape Town – The Kenya High Commission has scrapped visa requirements announced at the end June for South African passport holders.

However, as of 1 September South African citizens planning on staying more than 30 days will have to apply for the necessary visa. The Kenyan High Commission announced the adjustment of the new visa rules on its website.  

Visitors staying longer than the 30-day visa free period will have to pay a R750 fee and visas will no longer be issued on arrival in Kenya. 

The High Commission said all Visa Service Fees payments should be made at the Kenya High Commission or Embassy premises and that visa processing can be expected to take about 5 working days. 

All applicants will be required to produce the following documents: 

1. Return Air Ticket 
2. Invitation letter from the host in the Republic of Kenya 
3. Letter from employer/Institution/College/School 
4. Proof of funds (bank statement) 
5. Applicants must appear in Person for Biometrics 
6. 2 Passport Photographs.  

Nkoneni Albert Netshiendeulu 2014/08/25 03:51:57 PM
That's so clever of the Kenyans; why is not SA using the same rule. It will work much better to only have people who are here legally & it will reduce the number of hijacking and killing of people by strangers who go unnoticed because they don't have legal documents; you can't arrest them because their finger prints are not available anywhere in SA. I strongly believe people who are killing innocent people are those who are in SA illegally. Let's also join Kenya on their stringent rules then everything will be fine.
MemeMartin 2014/08/25 06:31:45 PM
This is very good. Lots of Saffas travel up there for short business stints. Well done, Kenya!!!
planet leon 2014/08/26 09:08:54 AM
Yes, what can be wrong with this?
planet leon 2014/08/26 09:10:06 AM