KZN South Coast not keen on nudist beach

Durban – The KZN Naturist Association has received some serious opposition to their application for a portion of beach between Port Shepstone and Port Edward to be declared nudist friendly.

The application was handed to the Hibiscus Coast Municipality on the KZN South Coast earlier this year and welcomed by Mayor Cynthia Mqwebu.

She said in a statement that people with ‘different’ ideas were always welcome to approach the municipality, as long as they remembered that municipal by-laws would have to be kept in mind.

IOL reports that in the meantime a portion of beach known as Mpenjati, north of the lagoon and the Blue Flag Trafalgar Beach, had been identified.

Once the proposal had been handed in by the Naturist Association, the municipality invited the public to comment, which revealed that the majority of South Coast residents were opposed to the idea.  

Municipal spokesman Simon Soboyisa said it had already received a lot of comments and that only about 20% supported the idea.

Some of the reasons cited include the fact that the beach is located in the Trafalgar Marine Reserve, is too close to a family-orientated Blue Flag Beach and would ultimately attract unsavoury characters.

The KZN Naturist Association has, however, defended the idea emphasising the fact that an officially designated naturist beach would attract international tourists, who were more comfortable with nude bathing that more conservative South African beach-goers.

Well, according to a recent survey, they had better count the French out, as the younger generation has apparently declared topless tanning passé!

What do you think about nude beaches: they’re cool as long as they’re relatively secluded? Or they’re an absolute no-no? Tell us in the comment section below.

While there are currently no beaches in South Africa where the right to bathe nude is protected, there are a few spots where naturism is widely accepted/tolerated:

Sandy Bay, Cape Town – semi-legal nude beach

Even though it's not 100% legal, Sandy Bay is probably South Africa's quintessential nude beach. Relatively secluded and located in a picturesque location somewhere between Llandudno and Hout Bay, it's a popular spot for naturists, as well as those with just a spot of naughty curiosity. If you're not comfortable going nude, costumes are welcome!

Umhlanga Lagoon, North of Durban – unofficial nude beach

Located in the Umhlanga Lagoon Nature Reserve, at the mouth of the Ohlanga Lagoon, this secluded beach has been a popular spot for naturists for decades. In recent years, however, there have been an influx of complaints, as more non-nudist walkers and families have been visiting the area on walks and hikes.

Secrets Beach, close to Shelley Beach in Port Elizabeth

Driving along Marine Drive, out of the city in the direction of Sardinia Bay, you will find an unobtrusive parking lot looking back over Cape Recife lighthouse. While it's unclear how popular the beach still is among naturists, it used to be quite the spot to get rid of those tanlines.  

Lighthouse Beach, Great Fish River between Port Alfred and East London

According to the beach is not well used by anyone and provides a wide choice of spots to skinny dip

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Japie JJ du Toit 2014/08/19 10:28:21 AM
aaaaggggg damn there go the free watch. hheheheheheeh
VoxPopuli 2014/08/19 10:52:47 AM
Over 2700km of coastline in SA and the few that's embarrassed with their bodies don't want to cede 10km for those that's comfortable in their own skin! Selfish
Michael Eloff 2014/08/19 11:13:34 AM
Haha! Thanks for using our Explore Cape Town photo. We just like how quiet this beach is, screw the fact that there are nudists on the beach. Everyone for their own right ;)
Phiwe KaZulu 2014/08/19 11:51:40 AM
Nude Beach South Coast Such A Super Good Idea Our Economy Is Nt Dng Good And Most Of Tourist Dnt Realise How South Coast Is Beautiful This Will Be A Way Also To Promote It ,For Sure Poeple Who Are Against It A Ppl Who Dsnt Undrstnd It Who Jst Thnk It All Abt Being Naked Only
Yusuf Ismail 2014/08/19 12:04:14 PM
Abner Mophethe 2014/08/19 01:02:22 PM
So what if people wanna go natural,let them........the same people that oppose this application do worse than go around naked,they lie,the cheat,they steal,they kill.....the list is endless
LMAO 2014/08/19 02:53:20 PM
hahaha keeping south africa green,,,,, LMAO!!!! Less men in strip club, all heading down to the beach this holiday.( Bet a woman said NO to it.......hahahaha)
Cyril Thabo Makwakwa 2014/08/20 08:57:36 AM
Nude beach is what South Africa needs right least those that aren't comfortable are free enough to go elsewhere
Robert Palmer 2014/08/21 10:10:53 PM
All that coastline and selfish people saying "We want all of it. You can't have any of it." Shame on you.
Matsobane Kola 2014/09/23 11:49:45 AM
I think as South Africa is a multiracial country it is therefore people should live free,beach side is where one can swim and just play around obviously either half naked or completely naked, if I go there I obviously know that I'm gonna find people naked and for everyone of them to be free I'll also take off my clothes and either swim or just roam around.