BA suspends Liberia, S Leone flights over Ebola

London - British Airways has suspended flights to and from Liberia and Sierra Leone until the end of the month due to public health concerns, the airline owned by International Airlines Group said on Tuesday.

More than 800 people have died in an outbreak of Ebola in West Africa which began in February in the forests of Guinea. The epicentre has since shifted to neighbouring Liberia and Sierra Leone.

"We have temporarily suspended our flights to and from Liberia and Sierra Leone until 31 August 2014 due to the deteriorating public health situation in both countries," BA said in a statement.

"The safety of our customers, crew and ground teams is always our top priority and we will keep the route under constant review in the coming weeks," it added.

Alta Steyn 2014/08/05 08:05:29 PM
SAA is only looking out for its own interests, and not that of the country they serve. Don't they know that when everybody dies of Ebola they will not be able to fly anywhere? Pride will then mean absolutely NOTHING and it will be way too late to feel sorry. Prevention is always better than cure.
Its my raaaaaait 2014/08/05 08:38:02 PM
Typical out of the bush into an office but brain hasn't evolved
Azana Booi 2014/08/05 09:02:23 PM
I need a face mask and gloves urgently! SAA will is hellbent on bringing the virus here!!!
Dave 2014/08/06 01:03:31 AM
Guys SAA don't fly to Liberia ir Sierra Leone. They do fly to Nigeria and Ghana. Like SAA, BA have not suspended flights there. So why the whinges?