Shock as tourists cancel SA travel plans over Ebola

Cape Town – Tourists from various eastern countries have been cancelling their trips to South Africa, citing the rapid spread of Ebola in West Africa as their reason.

Die Burger reports that scores of tourists who were meant to be travelling to South Africa in August, September and October have cancelled their air tickets and accommodation bookings out of fear that they might contract the virus while on the African continent.

According to David Frost, executive head of the  Southern African Tourism Services Association (SATSA), a group of 1 500 tourists from Thailand who were set to visit the country in September have cancelled their trip, while smaller groups from Malaysia, Hong Kong, China and Japan have done the same.

Tour operators fear that if someone should test positive, it would cause mass hysteria and lead to absolute chaos in the tourism industry.

This comes after a man was admitted to a Johannesburg hospital on Sunday to be tested for the dreaded haemorrhagic disease.  

The department of health has, however, said that the chances are slim the South African will test positive.

In the meantime, all ports of entry into South Africa are being closely monitored. Special thermal scanners have been set up at International airports to aid in screening passengers who have raised temperatures.

Once identified, the travellers will be assessed by medical officials at the necessary facilities available, with special attention being given to patients with a travel history to West Africa. 

Do you think international tourists’ fears over ebola are legitimate, even though the outbreak occurred thousands of kilometres away from South Africa? 

Douglas Ross 2014/08/18 09:49:56 AM
Its because the government isn't doing too much to prevent it, they'll rather try and keep it at bay when it arrives. Cancel all travel to and from west africa untill it is resolved.
Jacqui Daane Van Rensburg 2014/08/18 09:56:05 AM
Maybe we should spread the rumour that rhino horn, elephant tusks and lion bones carry the virus. Those Asians will stop using them in a heartbeat.
Sht Stirrer 2014/08/18 09:56:14 AM
Do these idiots realize that Europe is much closer to the Ebola hotspots than South Africa is?
NoAbsolutes 2014/08/18 10:38:48 AM
Same thing happened to Asia with SARS.
Rakesh Panday 2014/08/18 10:39:36 AM
Hopefully all the illegal immigrants to this country from everywhere else in Africa, India and Pakistan and Bangladesh and China will fear for Ebola in South Africa and push off back to their countries
Yollanda Aphiwe Nyembe 2014/08/18 11:19:47 AM
Don't get why travel bans have not been implemented. Those from other African countries should be banned from entering this country, our lives are at risk
Christina Setloboko 2014/08/18 11:25:48 AM
sa must close its borders as well untill they find cure for this thing or have this under control, though this will be bad for business, but what other options do we have, the whole world is under threat.
BLUESILVER2012 2014/08/18 11:52:25 AM
Ebola...please, we have survived through ZUMA'S reign so this mild irritation is nothing, just take a shower and all is sorted.
Taylor Mpho 2014/08/18 11:56:32 AM
Ebola will eventually reach all countries as long as it aint cured... Just like AIDS... so if tourist are scared to come to SA even though we havnt had someone die on our lands of Ebols than thats a shocker
LMAK 2014/08/18 11:57:43 AM
i would cancel too if i were out of this continent.