5 Melville hangouts New York wishes they had

Cape Town - New Yorkers are claiming to know the hottest spots in Melville and who could disagree?

Melville, a trendy neighbourhood in Johannesburg, is what the New York Times describes as a "hub for liberals and intellectuals".

During apartheid it was one of the places where interracial couples could openly hangout, where young artists could express themselves and where students were inspired by their surroundings. 

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Today is it a neighbourhood of interesting avenues, fun restaurants, bookshops and adventure - and we couldn't be happier that the New York Times (NYT) has given it a big shout-out.  Check out the top five drool-worthy spots in Melville. 

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1. Great Eastern Food Bar 

Now, this is not to be confused with something like Cape Town’s Eastern Food Bizarre. The ramen trend (Japanese noodle soup dishes) has reached Johannesburg and this “cheeky little place” knows how to mix creativity with authenticity.  

2. Love Books

This might be the best way to catch a bit of down time in the city as you up your local literature quotient. This fun book lounge definitely has some colourful flare, a great selection of old and new stories - and some highly-recommended coffee. 

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3. 27 Boxes

One special thing about Melville is undoubtedly the people and their sense of style and fashion. 27 Boxes exemplifies innovation with a fresh take on the shopping mall concept. Not your ordinary shopping mall - it is made from shipping containers, colourfully painted and set in a garden, making shopping a hip indoor and outdoor experience.

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4. Superella

A trip down town to this design studio is said to be a soul-changing source of inspiration. Ella Butler has an array of threads that will turn you into a slick South African in no time. You can't miss the spray-painted shop from the street.

5. The Service Station

Melville also knows how to do laid-back just right. High on caffeine and love - this 9th street cafe which started in 1999, keeps on growing.

They offer bespoke dinner parties, home-made ice-creams and artisanal sausages no hipster can resist. It is a cool place to grab your morning coffee, spend the day hacking at your Mac book or as the sun sets - mingling with the cool crowd. 

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